Thursday, March 8, 2012

He "Don't Have No Homework"

That's what he said to me after school yesterday in a twang I almost didn't recognize. "I don't got no homework." The kid's had perfect grammar his whole life. Ummm...? Excuse me? I chuckled and made him repeat the sentence in proper grammar. He rolled his eyes, corrected his words and quickly pointed out that country boys talk like that. "That's just the way we are," he tells me. "You just don't understand because you didn't grow up in the country." Wow. He's got it all figured out.
My 10yr old is growing and changing now more than ever. I'm happy with the person he's becoming. He's kind, respectful and mannerly. He loves Jesus and the outdoors. He loves to hunt and fish. He's intelligent. He's never made below a B on a report card. He'd rather wear boots than sneakers and camo than a polo. (Don't even ASK him about the time I tried to get him to wear a sweater vest....he's STILL miffed at me for even suggesting it) He's country. Or as he would say...."Mom, I'm CUNTRY."
I try and try and try to explain to him that the way you speak can determine how someone treats you (in the beginning, at the very least). It makes an impression. Proper grammar is important. I've noticed a change in him this year, especially. He's started using the word "ain't" and it drives me insane. I charge him $1 for every time he uses it. The boy really is country. But being "country" doesn't mean you're unintelligent. It doesn't mean you speak like a redneck (even if you'd rather eat squirrel than chicken). He can be CUNTRY all he wants, but he WILL speak with proper grammar if it kills me.
I firmly believe you have to pick your battles with children. My husband would probably let this one go (especially since he's CUNTRY, too.) I might get tired of fighting it one day. Who knows? But right now the kid owes me $37 "ain't" dollars so I'm hanging strong. That's enough money for a pedicure. Or a sweater vest.

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