Sunday, January 15, 2012

Did Jesus Poop?

"Mom. Did Jesus poop?"
(Wow. That's actually a really easy one.)
"Yes.  God created Jesus as a human. All humans have to eat. So, all humans have to poop."
(Simple biology.)
"OK. Well, did Jesus' poop stink?"
(This kid has REALLY thought this through)
"Yes. Poop stinks. That's a normal part of poop. That's how the body works."
"OK. Well, did Jesus fart?"
(guess the gender of the kid asking these questions)
"Yes. Jesus farted. Again, part of biology. Farting is a necessity."

A little part of me cringed mixing "Jesus" and "poop" in the same sentence. To me, Jesus is HOLY. He's to be revered. He was the ultimate sacrifice and the very best promise. If my kids learn nothing else, I want them to GET that. To KNOW that. With every cell of their being. (even the bowels) I pray every night for these kids. They may lose me, they may lose their Daddy, they may lose friends and love and jobs...but they will NEVER lose the love of Jesus. I SO want them to know they can lean on Him. At every turn. During the mountains of life AND during the valleys. I want them to revere Him.
So, when these questions came up I was forced to ask myself if I'm showing them that. Are they GETTING it? Jesus and poop? Jesus and farts?
Here's what I've come up with: Yes. Jesus and farts. It's ok. He's on their minds. He was on the mind of my 8yr old when these questions came up. My kid is SEEKING to know more. Even if it's just biology. He wants to KNOW about Jesus. He's sorting through the "stuff" as only an 8yr old boy can do. The seed is planted and the first bit of growth is showing.
So, here's what I've come up with. ASK AWAY, kid. Let's talk about Jesus. Let's talk about His shoes and His hair and whether He played baseball or whether He climbed all over everything or whether He really wants the Rangers to win the World Series this time. Let's talk about it. I still have a lot of questions myself. Maybe not about poop or farts. But about stuff that matters to me. And at 8 years old, farts and poop seem to matter to a boy.
So kid, ASK AWAY! Because as Matthew 7:7 says...

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